Our system boast with over 100 million computers using this system, with zero infections, over the last 7 years.

With the combination of comodo endpoint protection and our anti-hacker solutions, we are giving you the best anti-hacker solution on the market! From being wallet-friendly to offering you world-class support.

Our hacker protection will protect you against all kinds of hacker attacks. It's surely the ultimate protection against hackers.

Our hacker protection works best at:

  • Offering 100% protection against all kind of virus and malware
  • Protecting your PC against all kinds of ransomware
  • Firewall protection to stop DDoS attack
  • Phishing protection – Are you not sure about an e-mail that you just receive? Forward it to us, and we will check it within 24 hours. ( Because spam filters don't stop everything)
  • Worlds best support

By choosing our hacker protection system, we not only guarantee you of protecting your computer from hackers but also offering a firewall against any kind of antivirus. Our built-in antivirus solution is next-generation antivirus that has a zero-trust policy for all known threats. If we don't know what it is, it will not be allowed to access your computer. But we let it run in a sandbox so as to assess it and be sure what it is.

You will have 100% protection at all times.

We are using comodo dragon platform protection combined with our own anti-hacker system. We guarantee you a full refund, + $2,000 if, by any chance, you get ransomware with our system without a question.