Hackers do not sleep. You are constantly under attack. 

We have long been looking for the best solution. We have tried all the great antivirus solutions out there. The problem was that we managed to fool everyone. We were able to install viruses on all the solutions we tried. Except for one type of solution. This is the type of solution we offer you. Welcome to a 100% virus free days with our antivirus solution. We will take care of your computer and phones. 

Order our zyber-quard and be 100% safe online. If you get intected with our system. We will pay you your money back.
Please watch this VDO to understand how we work: 


With the ever-increasing threat of cybersecurity, spyware, malware, and ransomware, you must make Antivirus your friend. If that is not the case, you risk losing important files, personal information, and related data to hackers and computer malware. Nevertheless, you cannot use any antivirus service. There are lots of these services, and some of them cannot stop malware and spyware from invading your computer. Some of those that prevent the virus from corrupting your computer files will take a long time to curb the malicious threat. But with our reliable Antivirus, you get 100% protection.

Our Antivirus has embraced the comodos system technology to ensure you surf safely, and your files are not at the risk of being corrupted by malware. Furthermore, we have a team of White hat hackers who work around the clock to prevent viruses from infecting your computer.

Enhanced Protection of Endpoints

Our Antivirus provides the most reliable endpoint security that will secure entry points or endpoints of end-users devices like mobile phones, laptops, and desktop computers. Your device will be protected from malicious campaigns and malware without affecting its endpoints. Whenever a malicious threat threatens to jeopardize an endpoint, the malware or virus will be encapsulated by the Comodo Auto Containment Technology in our Antivirus. Below are some of the security technologies integrated into our Antivirus to facilitate advanced endpoint security.

  1. Virus Scope Behavior Analyzer- It monitors each and every process to detect malicious actions.
  2. Expert Human Analysis-Offers 24 hours of accurate analysis of sophisticated malware and hackers.
  3. Auto Containment™- This technology gets hold of both known and unknown malicious threats, and then discards them protecting the end-user.
  4. Comodo Host Firewall-Protects the computer user and files from not only inbound but also outbound threats.
  5. Fileless Malware Protection- Keeps at bay malicious threats that lack files to attack.
  6. Cloud-Native Architecture- It initiates an automatic update of signatures.
  7. Comodo Antivirus-It automatically identifies, cleanses, and confines suspicious files.
  8. Comodo File Lookup System-Assesses the reputation of a file against the Comodo’s blacklist and whitelist.
  9. Host Intrusion Prevention System-Monitors important functions of the operating system to check for any intrusion.
  10. Valkyrie Analyzers-Analyzes dynamically and statistically potential unknown malicious threats.

Classify All Unknown Files

Within 45 seconds, 95% of all the unknown files would have returned a verdict. The remaining 5% will be directed to our security specialists, who are always on call. They will assess the sophisticated malicious threats before providing a verdict within 4 hours. All AEP customers will have their File verdicts updated in real-time globally.

Patch Management

We will patch your computer’s software tools and applications to keep them updated to determine appropriate patches. Our team of experts will handle this process to protect your computer from cryptovirus, malware, spyware, and other related malicious attacks.

24/7 Customer Support Team

We have a dedicated customer care team that is always ready to respond to your concerns regarding our Antivirus. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries. You will receive feedback within the shortest time possible.

Getting Started with Our Antivirus and ransomware protection 

To get started with our Antivirus, place your order and pay the required fee. You will then receive a file of our Endpoint protection/Comodo Antivirus, which you have to install. Once you complete the file installation, we immediately switch your system into a learning mode for at most two weeks. While in this mode, the system learns your online behavior and machine without logging into your online activities.

You will then get 100% Zero Trust Architecture, which manes that programs will only run after our team of experts deems them safe.

Our specialist will get the logs, go through them to ascertain that nothing is running on your computer.

Before choosing any Antivirus service, ensure it guarantees you safety against malware and another malicious cyberattack. Our Antivirus has been proven to be effective in giving you the online security you deserve. We also have a team of experts and white hat hackers who will ensure you are very safe while surfing online. Contact us to get started with our amazing Antivirus service.

1 Year total protection
1 Computer ( Windows, Mac, ore Linux )
119 USD

100% Malware protection


Hacker protection

Phishing help *

24/7 Customer Support Team

1 Year + Patch managment
149 USD

We keep your computer up to date

We patch all your security holes

* Forward emails to us and we will tell you if this is a scam or not.

* This will not protect you against DDOS and dos attacks.

*  This will also not stop all phishing websites

* 100% Protection against all kind of virus, malware and ransomware

We will give you the best protections against hackers. Dont belive us? Try it yourself. If you get intected with our system, we pay you your money back.

Knowbe4 Ransomware simulator on Windows Defender

Knowbe4 Ransomware simulator on our system with Comodo antivirus / End Point

We score 19/19 

Try knowbe4 ransomware simulator free on your system. Download it her 

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