Hacking and The Different Types of Hackers

Anybody can now be hacked. It is no longer something that only happens to a specific section of internet users. Hackers can use their computer skills and technical prowess to authorize an intrusion onto a computer or network without the user’s consent. The hacker will then access your data, files, and other confidential data on your computer, for their benefit.

But did you know that not all hackers have a motive to cause any havoc or access your confidential information? There is another group of hackers who use their programming skills and knowledge in operating systems to identify loopholes in the computer systems and implement critical solutions. Therefore, motive is an essential factor that separates a useful hacker from a selfish one. The different motives hackers tend to have include:

  • Monetary Gain: This is where hackers break into computer systems in a bid to access banking systems and credit card details without the owner’s consent. He or she then uses the information obtained to solicit money.
  • Egoistic Purposes: Some hackers hack to improve their reputation. They will leave behind signatures on networks and systems to be recognized.
  • Patriotic motives: Here, hackers are involved in carrying out government-sponsored cyber-attacks, especially during war.
  • Corporate spies: These hackers will hack on behalf of an organization to help it obtain information concerning their products or services, which might have been hijacked.

Computer hackers are divided into the following groups:


White Hat Hacker: A white hat hacker is authorized by an organization or government to break into computer systems and identify loopholes that can be used by other hackers to conduct cyberattacks. This hacker adheres to the regulations set by the government to ensure systems are protected from malicious attacks. If an organization wants to examine if their systems are secure, a white hat hacker must be brought on board to determine what is causing loopholes and propose reliable solutions.

Black Hat Hacker: A black hat hacker is also known as a cracker since this individual will break into your computer network entirely determined to steal money or confidential information. Such hackers tend to leave behind signatures. Hence they can be easily identified and pursued as criminals. To avoid falling prey to such hackers, you must secure your network. You can hire a cybersecurity expert to assess your computer system security and solve any issues present.

Gray Hat Hacker: A gray hat hacker tends to be neutral because he or she can break into a computer system for monetary gain or patriotic reasons. For instance, this hacker can hack into the internet system, access valuable information, and share it with the public. However, this type of hacker is not allowed by law to carry out the hacking, even if he or she does not have any bad motive.

Ethical Hacker: An ethical hacker is a professional in hacking into systems to identify vulnerabilities and shortcomings then propose necessary remedies to enhance security. These hackers are hired by corporations and governments to help enhance their system securities.


How To Avoid Being Hacked

The increase in cyberattacks is proof that getting hacked is very possible, and anybody can fall prey to hacking. However, sometimes our computer systems can be hacked as a result of our carelessness. It is up to us to take personal responsibility to keep the hackers at bay. Below are some of the measures you can take to avoid being hacked:

Avoid Clicking On Every Mail Attachment

A hacker can use an email to spread malware to break into your computer system. The malware or spyware is normally hidden in links and attachments, whereby once you click on them, the malicious virus starts to infect your computer system. Therefore, it is very important to thoroughly scrutinize emails you receive before opening to ensure they are coming from a trusted source. That way, you will avoid being susceptible to a malicious attack.

Use Strong Passwords

Just how strong is your password? Some people use very weak passwords to conceal important information online. Hackers can easily take advantage of this tendency in order to fulfill their selfish interest in breaking into a network or system to access unauthorized information. Therefore, every individual must desist from using weak passwords such as date of birth, name, or months of the year. Your password should be positively sophisticated by using alphanumeric. Such passwords have special characters that a hacker might find hard to crack.

Ensure You Scan All Hard Drives Before Using Them

Hard drives have become an avenue through which hackers use to launch a malicious attack or get into a network without the owner’s consent. The hacker can attach malware on an external hard disk or a pen drive, so once you insert it into your laptop or desktop computer, it automatically gets infected. Therefore, always ensure you scan every hard drive that you intend to use on your computer. By doing so, you will detect and clear any malware that might infect your computer.

Get Your Software from An Authorized Website

Truth be told, there are a lot of websites that offer various software meant to make your life quite easy as much as using your computer is concerned. In fact, some of these websites offer their software free of charge. It is very easy to visit these websites and download your utility software, video, or music file without paying any fees. But do not be blindfolded by such offers even though they seem very genuine and attractive. The free software you intend to download may be carrying spyware or virus that will not hesitate to spread to your computer system once it has been installed. To avoid such a malicious attack, always ensure you download your utility software from a trusted website.

Use an Antivirus Software

One of the reasons why most internet users get hacked is because they are not protected while going about their activities online. Hackers can easily sneak into their network to monitor what they are doing or obtain some confidential data. So one must invest in an anti-hacking software(antivirus), which will help hide their identity, making it hard for a black hat hacker to sniff around their business while online. Using a reliable antivirus must always be your priority if you want to protect your PC from any cybersecurity. There are many antiviruses out there, but not all of them have the right features to guarantee online security. Do not panic, since, at zybervpn.com, you will get one of the most trusted and next-generation antivirus that will ensure your PC never gets infected. The following are some of the benefits you stand to benefit from using this Antivirus service:

  • Advanced malware detection: Our antivirus is one of the most reliable anti-hacking software when it comes to identifying different types of malware. Furthermore, the antivirus does not take up a lot of your resources, and it is very accessible to enable you to protect your PC system from any malicious attacks.
  • Availability of white hat hackers: A white hat hacker is a professional who hacks into systems to identify loopholes that might attract a cyberattack, after which necessary precautions are taken to avoid the threat. When you use our antivirus service, you also get a chance to be served by our white hat hackers. They will assess your network or computer system and make sure that it is very secure.
  • User-friendly: We have put in place a very simple process that easily gets you started with our antivirus software. This is what you are expected to do. First, place an order that you need our antivirus. Then pay the required fee, after which an antivirus file will be sent to you. Download the file and install it in your PC or device that you are using. You can then run it to detect any potential malicious attacks.
  • Firewall Protection: Our antivirus offers a long-term solution when it comes to cybersecurity. We intend to help you prevent malicious threats from infecting your network or computer system once and for all. In that spirit, we offer an antivirus service that identifies a virus and eradicates it by introducing a strong firewall that will forever keep malicious attacks away.
  • Identity Protection: With the increase in mass surveillance and hacking cases, using the internet remotely without being noticed is becoming a new norm. A lot of people are resorting to using anti-hacking software that will make them anonymous once they get connected to the internet. Furthermore, they can change their location, thus making it hard for hackers to get to them. Such advanced privacy features are what you get when you use our antivirus. It has been developed to render you completely anonymous when using any network or accessing a site.

It is every internet user’s responsibility to ensure they are safe when surfing online. Necessary measures, such as using an anti-hacking software, firewalls, VPN, white hat hacker, and secure networks, are crucial and should be considered if you do not want to be hacked. That is why at Zyber Defence we are dedicated to ensuring you get that needed security by simply using our secure and reliable antivirus.

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