Firewall testing

You are a target for hackers whether you like it or not. A transparent hacker scans an ip per 47 sec.

If you have a vulnerability, the hacker will open his eyes to you, if you have OK security, he / she will most likely go to the next target. Our scan scans your firewall for the most known vulnerabilities once a month. (Or other by appointment) Note: This is not a full pen test, our analysis only looks for vulnerabilities that lie in the "surface" of your firewall.


Why should I run a vulnerability analysis of my firewall?

1. We scan your firewall for 50,000+ vulnerabilities (The vulnerability database is increasing every day)

2. An easy and cheap way to find out how your firewall handles simple vulnerability analyzes that real hackers actually use

3. Threat image changes all the time, today your firewall can be safe, tomorrow something completely different

4. You sleep better at night We use several methods to look for vulnerabilities in your firewall, we enter your IP address and this is scanned every week or month.

You will receive an automatically generated report in html format from us after each scan. This is in English and shows an overview of what has been found. If there is a fix to the problem then this will also be in the report.

What we need from you Your ip address

Invoice address and your e-mail 

(Do not have a fixed ip? Contact us) 


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