The Fourteen Eyes-A Multilateral Pact For Global Mass Espionage

Mass surveillance is becoming the new norm as countries relentlessly attempt to gather, evaluate, and share intelligence from different areas across the globe. Several states have entered coalitions that allow member countries to spy on each other’s citizens to obtain sensitive data and share it without breaching domestic laws governing privacy. Some of the coalitions that have since been formed include the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes.

The Five Eyes coalition was incubated under the UKUSA Agreement, which initially comprised of the United Kingdom and the United States as the only member countries before Australia, New Zealand, and Canada joined the Pact. An expansion of the 5 Eyes saw Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and France join the coalition to give birth to the 9 Eyes, which is not that intense in matters regarding espionage as its predecessor. Last but not least is the Fourteen Eyes Alliance which consists of Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Italy, and all member countries of the 5 Eyes and 9 Eyes.

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