Hacking and The Different Types of Hackers

Anybody can now be hacked. It is no longer something that only happens to a specific section of internet users. Hackers can use their computer skills and technical prowess to authorize an intrusion onto a computer or network without the user’s consent. The hacker will then access your data, files, and other confidential data on your computer, for their benefit.

But did you know that not all hackers have a motive to cause any havoc or access your confidential information? There is another group of hackers who use their programming skills and knowledge in operating systems to identify loopholes in the computer systems and implement critical solutions. Therefore, motive is an essential factor that separates a useful hacker from a selfish one. The different motives hackers tend to have include:Continue reading

What Is A Ransomware Attack?

Hackers and Cybercriminals are relentlessly trying to device new and safe means they can use to break into networks or systems, get hold of critical confidential information and use it to their advantage, which is to make money illegally. One of the ways that has worked for them is by launching a ransomware attack. This malicious attack will infect a computer system and issue a prompt asking you to pay a certain amount of money for your network or computer system resume operations. In most cases, it comes in the form of deceptive links attached to websites, instant messages, and email messages. Once you click on the link, your computer gets infected. The malware will then encrypt significant files and can also lock your computer system. Then you will receive specific instructions on how to go about paying the amount of money being requested, which ranges from $100-$1300.But must you pay the ransom being demanded? Can you prevent a ransomware attack? What is the origin of Ransomware, and how has it evolved? This article will demystify all you need to know about the ransomware attack. Let’s dive into it, shall we?

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The Fourteen Eyes-A Multilateral Pact For Global Mass Espionage

Mass surveillance is becoming the new norm as countries relentlessly attempt to gather, evaluate, and share intelligence from different areas across the globe. Several states have entered coalitions that allow member countries to spy on each other’s citizens to obtain sensitive data and share it without breaching domestic laws governing privacy. Some of the coalitions that have since been formed include the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes.

The Five Eyes coalition was incubated under the UKUSA Agreement, which initially comprised of the United Kingdom and the United States as the only member countries before Australia, New Zealand, and Canada joined the Pact. An expansion of the 5 Eyes saw Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and France join the coalition to give birth to the 9 Eyes, which is not that intense in matters regarding espionage as its predecessor. Last but not least is the Fourteen Eyes Alliance which consists of Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Italy, and all member countries of the 5 Eyes and 9 Eyes.

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