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Why You Need to Conduct Penetration Testing ( Hire a hacker )

For how long will you keep tolerating downtime? Year in, year out, hackers attack and destroy millions of businesses and the lives of individuals all over the world. One can lose a fortune, experience constant downtime and in the worst case scenario, lose private data – which in the wrong hands, can do more harm.

However, if you have the services of an expert hacker, this can be avoided. They can discover any potential weaknesses that could be exploited by other malicious hackers and also train your employees so that it doesn't happen to you.

Why You Should Hire a Hacker from Zyber Defence

Real Hackers 

Our team is made up of real hackers who have the knowledge and skills that real hackers would use to attack your system(s)

Manual testing

Using automated tools doesn't necessarily provide the required security. We only carry out manual hacking and penetration testing in real-time.

Clean Reports

We provide clear, concise and easy to understand reports after performing penetration testing.

No automatic programs

We do not use automatic programs as we vouch for the technical ability of our manual experts.


Hire a hacker today and let us conduct the best vulnerability assessment and give advice on how to seal them, whenever possible.

Simulate real hacker attacks

We simulate real hacker attacks to exposes both known and unknown vulnerabilities

Same Penetration Testing and Hacking Techniques Used by Black-hat Hackers


You would not let a hairdresser do your IT work, would you? The same applies to automatic hacker tools that companies around the world use to check their security. These programs are so simple that even your hairdresser can use them and retrieve a report for you.

When it comes to IT security or safeguarding your company's sensitive data, you can use automatic tools yourself. However, do not let the hairdresser do it, whatsoever.

Hire a hacker from us to check for any security vulnerabilities and we'll guarantee the best security protocols are put in place. As hackers, we can defend you from other hackers and mitigate any existing security vulnerabilities. We attack you just like real hackers do.



What can I test when I hire a hacker?

(Some examples)


  1. Your firewall. Is your firewall strong enough? Can hackers see what's on the back-end? Or are there security loopholes in your firewall?
  2. Test your website's security. Can hackers take over it?
  3. Test your employees on what they do when they receive scam emails. Do they get baited? A single scam email can ruin your entire business.
  4. Hire a hacker to choose the software your business can incorporate. How can you protect yourself from future attacks?
  5. We can build real malware and viruses to test your antivirus solution.

How much does it cost?

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    What we dont do:

    * Please dont contact us about hacking facebook, whatsapp messenges etc.


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